Monday, 24 September 2012

I realised...

·        Drenching in the rain is double the fun when you have a companion. Even if, it is one of your indoor plants.

·        Being taken for granted is thousand times more fulfilling than taking someone for granted.

·        Macaroon tarts from Kookie Jar work wonders. So does Rabindrasangeet. No matter what the given situation is.

·        Children do not fly kites or sail paper boats. Or talk to the gold fish swimming in an empty Horlicks jar. Do they?

·        You become truly happy when you pay her a surprise visit, she doesn’t get surprised at all and ushers you in with an “as-if-nothing-happened” look. The menu for lunch is not disturbed by frying an omelet for you. Instead some extra rice is all that is made.

·        Like conversations, letters can be without words. It would be fun to open a folded blank paper from a sealed envelope and read the lines (and the lines in-between) which were never written, knowing however, who the sender could be.

·        I don’t like Shreya Ghoshal most of the times. And Priyanka Chopra.

·        “Is sayani bheed mein bas haathon mein tera haath ho” is the simplest and the most powerful truth.

·        Urdu must be learnt someday for it’s beautiful. For the eyes and for the ears. 

·        I have this fervent desire to meet those who disliked “Kyon….” from Barfi on Youtube. They must be interesting. And their reasons must be so interesting too.   

·        Frooti tastes best when you drink it from the tiny tetra pack with a straw. You squeeze the pouch and keep on sucking at the straw till the last drop and even after that. Drinking from a glass robs it of its charm.

·        Two people can be friends on the basis of their differences. Just on the basis of their differences. And not similarities.    

·        Eating vegetarian food is as painful as a leg amputation.

·        The city is a human being for me. Every time I see my city in a movie, I silently scream out of joy. The same feeling of becoming ecstatic when you see your dad, next door neighbour, best friend getting featured on television.

·        Daydreaming about Salman Khan, fantasising yourself in a shocking red frilled dress (with a brown belt) and singing “yeh mausam ka jadu hein mitwa” was truly mood-lifting (minus the reverse counting of 10 to 1, and “let’s start the fun” part.). But, sadly I have outgrown it. Very sadly.

·        The crowded streets, traffic jams, the chaos, refusals by cabs and autos during this part of the year evoke enormous thrill. So does the Pujo-editions of magazines and newspapers (‘Pujo-sankha’, that is).

·        Even Vanilla icecreams in plastic cups taste good. If you lick the lid properly. When everyone is looking.

·        This happens to be my favourite rain song. “Srabono-borishone ekoda grihokoney….du kotha boli jodi kachhe taar…tahate ashey jabe ki ba kaar…”

·        Tears often define my likings. I judge books, movies, songs and human beings on the basis of tears they evoke. Unlike happiness, tears are difficult to generate.  

·        Shit happens. Sometimes, for good. Posts like this.....sigh!


  1. This is so good a post that I will quote random lines and phrases from from this in future without permission.

  2. Sometimes just a Like can define the smile that reading or seeing something brought to your face...nothing more said. Missing that Like button :)

  3. @Abhishek - A random line could mean "daydreaming about Salman Khan"... Since your pedigree precludes the possibility of your not knowing the meaning of 'random', I will take this as your coming out of the closet.

    1. My apologies. Parama, I will quote non-random lines and phrases from this in future without permission.

    2. :D "Abhishek Mukherjee daydreaming about Salman Khan" :D
      Apologies accepted.

    3. Ashol part ta miss korli. Wearing shocking red frilled dress (with a brown belt. :|

  4. Once again agree with you..this time, with most of the things that you jotted down.
    By the way, do you mind read..?
    How else do you pen down things which people have in mind but seldom discuss..?
    Write on..much love..
    Banhea <3

    1. I can read minds. But most of the times, it's my own.
      And yes, most of the times, yours too. And how you hate me for that. ;)

  5. -- People who disliked 'Kyon' might not be as interesting as people who dislike Priyanka Chopra or more importantly Shreya Ghoshal.
    -- du katha bolile kichu jay ashibe na... kintu dusho ba du haajar katha bolile ba hyajaile khub jhaant jwolibe.
    -- 'crowded streets, traffic jams,...' often create a problem while u r on ur way to ofc or desperately try to keep time for a movie. don't they? honestly???

    1. -Yes, I agree. (sarcasm, if any is ignored).
      - Ekhane to dukatha bolar i kotha hochhe. dusho ba du hajaar er kotha uthchhe keno? jodi tai hoto, tahole I again agree with you. Seta 'bola' thake na 'hyajano' hoye jay..
      - You ignored the major part. "During this part of the year", I said. People who stay in Kolkata know the madness. If they have office or a movie to catch, they would leave a little early. Proti bochhor pandel aar kenakata aar jam to hoy i. tara to janei sheta. honestly? (Even I do not have any major fascination towards traffic jams or crowded streets. But I feel it adds up to the charm..of Durga Pujo, that is. It's like Bookfair without being crowded doesnt fascinate me.)

  6. It seems you know a lot about vegetarian cuisine! :P

  7. yes I do. I wouldn't hate something without making a full enquiry or having a sound knowledge. Like love, I would not hate something without a reason :)

  8. how could you not like Shreya Ghoshal. I have met her a couple of times and she has been very sweet. Besides she is the Best Female Playback singer today in India.

  9. r ektu beshi beshi kore likhun.