Friday, 31 May 2013


Dear Readers,

And here it is.


This is what I won!

Thank you everyone!!! I am unbelievably happy and my Friday is made. : )
Double dose of love, rainbows and chocolates,

P.S: Abhishek da, WE won!!! (And this is my Gurudokkhina to you) : )

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vote please?

Dear readers,
My last post was an entry for this context:

The theme was CHEATING and the catch was that every post had to be exactly of 110 words.

Context over. Now it is the time to vote.

Also, readthe instructions below before you vote.

Thanks a ton in advance, all of you.

Love, rains, sunshine and chocolates…..


Monday, 27 May 2013

The break up

“I ‘m sorry”, the Doctor surrendered.

Nurses started dismantling the life support. He waited breathlessly for the heartbeat graph to fall flat. Finally, she would be all his.

She saw her tall dark man. She had spent sleepless nights with him, crying, confronting, judging if their relationship would ever work out. It was hatred to begin with. But slowly, she started trusting him. She knew he could provide her with peace like none other.

Whilst she was preparing to move out of the hospital with him, she heard a deep male voice calling her name.

She started breathing again, while Death stood there watching their four years of courtship collapse.