Sunday, 16 June 2013

The murder

The father wept helplessly.

His child was taken away. They took her in their fierce clutch, twisted her body, ripped it apart and reduced her into a living corpse. He saw blood dripping down her chest as she throbbed in unbearable pain.

Once they had assaulted her enough, they pulled her body into a discotheque. He could see thousand hungry ears relishing her shriek and screech.

They carried her into a car. The tinted glass was all rolled up. He could not see what happened next.

The father wept helplessly. It’s been more than 60 years since he breathed last. And sadly, copyright laws could not come to his rescue.     

"This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted by Thewhitescape"

P.S: I won!! And, here it is….


  1. This is brilliant. Both the build-up and the climax.

  2. Too good and a different way of approaching the theme murder

    1. Thanks a lot. I am so glad....specially because it comes from someone for whom I participated in the contest. Love.

  3. Quite intelligent P...and thoughtful indeed..!!!
    loved it..! <3

    1. Thank you Bans. But then, what are lawyers for? To utilise their knowledge of law at the opportune moment! No? :D

  4. Too good :) Bhabnata obhutopurbo :) :)