Friday, 16 August 2013


“Terribly tiny tales” had invited guest story tellers for writing a tale on Freedom for their 15th August feature. The following were the guidelines:-

1.                  Must be a story within 140 characters (including spaces).
2.                  Must not be an abstract musing or poem.
3.                  Must convey a passage of time.
4.                  Must have a beginning and an end.
5.                  Must include a character – could be anything from a cat to a letterbox.
6.                  Must include the word freedom in the story.
7.               May not be about India or the freedom struggle or patriotism but about freedom in all its hues.

They published the tales (you may want to read them). Mine wasn’t selected. But the joy of writing it was enormous. So I am sharing it here.

The tale:
Rik couldn’t swim any longer. He gasped for breath.
Someone pulled him out.
Ah freedom!
The rescuer tells Rik’s dad, “Congrats! It’s a boy!”


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  2. Beautiful and unexpected - the two words that describe your stories best.

  3. Aah yes....the first breath of freedom...loved it. Wonder why it wasnt included. Kudos nevertheless!

  4. You are producing one beauty after another, lady. :)

    1. Thanks Diptee. It didn't make it to the top 15 entries though. :)