Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award

No, ‘chahey koi mujhe junglee kahein’ won’t follow, folks. I won something! One of my favourite bloggers has nominated me for this award.

Thanks, hugs, chocolates, bubble wraps, sunny days and starry nights to you, TheWhitescape. I am so happy!     

Here are the Rules:-
1.   Add the ABC logo to your new blogpost.
2. Write a word or a phrase about yourself that begins with each alphabet.
3.   Nominate as many blogs you want.
4. Once nominated, let them know about the award and make them happy. : )

Here is my ‘About me’ list:-

1.                 Audacious, adequately adorable.
2.                 Bizarre.
3.                 Colourful.
4.                 Day-dreamer.
5.                  Energetic.
6.                 Farhan-fanatic.
7.         Gorgeous (I so wanted to write generous, giving, good-hearted etc etc but some invisible force typed this word. Not my fault.)
8.           Happy (the same invisible force came up with words like horny, hyper and hungry, but this time, I outsmarted it)
9.                 Imaginative, impulsive.
10.           Jovial.
11.        Kolkata, Kookie Jar. (Because my heart and my stomach are my most precious organs).
12.            Lazy.
13.        Marvelous (The first thing that came to my mind was ‘modest’. Then I remembered two things: (i) Just because you are a lawyer, you don’t have to lie all the time and (ii) I am not even getting paid for lying. So bunk it)
14.     Nawazuddin Siddiqui. (No, that’s not my pet name. If I ever have a harem of my own, this is the person who shall be the 2nd to qualify. For all of you who are cringing in curiosity regarding the 1st position, refer to point No.6 above)
15.          Outgoing, outrageous.
16.           Pragmatic, pompous.
17.           Quirky.
18.           Ridiculous. (God promise, it is the first and the only word that came to my mind, sat there taking up all the space, ate tea and biscuits and just refused to leave).
19.           Sensitive, sentimental.
20.           Talkative.
21.           Uber cool.
22.        Vivacious, vibrant, vindictive. (I thought V will be one of those difficult letters with which I will have trouble finding words. I found three. *yayness*)
23.             Weird.
24.      XXL – Husband’s T-shirt size, XL – Husband’s shirt size, XS – my brain’s size (because I could not come up with a single word starting with X *bangs head on the wall*)
25.           Youthful
26.      Zestful. (I hate how both the last two words end with ‘ful’. But then, today is my ‘I-wont-use-Google-for-anything-and-everything’ day. So….)

And here are my nominations:-
·         Anwesha Ray
·         Mandira Arnab Aich
·         Diptee Raut
·         Debosmita Nandy.
·         Sunil Namboohiri
·         Srimanti Gupta.
·         Biju Namboothiri.
·         Priyanka Roy Banerjee
·         Artsy Craftsy Mom
·         Kroswami

 It’s two and a half more days for the weekend! Yay!


  1. Excellent harem choices, I must say... :) Mine would be Dhanush and Arjun Rampal (eye candy with matching voice).. if there's still real estate left then Rahul Bose and Nagesh Kukunoor. :) :)

    Can't stop grinning...


    1. I have only provided two names. My list is as long as the Kharagpur Railway platform. And Dhanush and Arjun Rampal on the list too! (I repeat my statement: If I was Chitrangada Singh in INKAAR, I would have never lodged a complaint against the boss.)
      PS: I love the blogs I have nominated too. All of them are beautiful people who can write beautifully.
      PPS: Hope to see you more here. Much love.

  2. And love the blogs you have nominated... all added to my feedly reader... happy reading to me... yay!!!