Wednesday, 25 April 2012

the name I call myself..

I dream, I feel, I express. Yes, that’s me. I love to EXPRESS. I have my doubts as to how good or bad I write..but I am never short of words or in loss of them..I am talkative, sufficiently sweet with words and opinions, subtly and tolerably rude if situation demands, blatantly and sometimes irritatingly honest, mostly politically inaccurate, outrageously independent, madly in love with life and what it provides, generally passionate about the things I do, a believer of ‘love and music will keep us alive’, a vehement  foodie, an obsessed movie-buff..
I love to paint, be it a canvas, a handerkerchief, a pocket of an apron, a door, a wall or Dreams.. (yes, the last part was filmy and statutory warning: I can be very dramatic at times, rather, most of the time).
I love the zoo, at home, on the fence and walls, on Animal Planet.
And, I love human, not exactly in a way Mother Teresa did..I am generally in love with “People”..I can pick up conversations with almost any living being at any point of it a ricksaw-wala, fuchka-vendor, shop keeper, bus-conductor, traffic sergeant and it is an unending list..While travelling alone, I prefer sitting in the front seat of a taxi..just to chat with the taxi driver.Period.
I love to travel. I know it sounds clichéd. But for me traveling is like vaccination, like oxygen, like orgasms..Its life-saving and I just can’t do without it. And traveling does not have to be mountains, seas, forests or deserts.. I love travelling anywhere... in desolate alleys, least-known villages and hamlets, bustling cities, forgotten monuments, a lone river-side..simply anywhere..
I take a lot of pride in doing up my home, believe that making a home “home” is one of the most interesting and mood lifting activities life could offer, consider it majorly MY job and often selfishly enjoy the “pat-on-the-back” alone (while the “Significant other” can take his share of pride in disorienting and disorganizing the same).
Am gripped by the love for this city I live in..since whatever I say would be too little or too much, I would share my “lifetime achievement award” here..a friend, after watching Kahaani messaged me “the city is so you…mad, imperfect, restless and yet lovable”..this compliment is almost like your great grandmom’s rarest jewellery bestowed on you as an heirloom, treasured and felt proud of…forever..   
Speaking of jewellery, oh yes, I design jewellery and find a lot of happiness in doing the same.
I am a lawyer by profession and compulsion and yes, that’s the least interesting part of Naseeruddin Shah said in Zindagi  Na Milegi Dobara “ galti hum sabi se ho jaate hein”..


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. As you will discover, its a beautiful world of its own. Loved the first two posts. I remember how beautifully you used to write in school. Hope to read more of you here. :)

  2. Blogosphere - "Never have so many...written for so few" XD