Wednesday, 25 April 2012

the name...

On a lone lazy yesterday, I opened this very old book which Ma had given me to read…in between two pages, I found a dried leaf and some dried out petals…it gave me a thrill of a ten-year old…When I was small, I used to keep flowers, petals and leaves in fat books with the hope to find them years later and see what becomes of them…the thrill cannot be expressed in words..
I pulled the book towards my nose and took a deep breath…the fragrance filled my soul..the smell of old books can be doubly exciting than new ones, I realized. And I could sense my mother’s smell too..all mixed together…yes, the thrill cannot be expressed in words..
Feelings or fragrance cannot be clicked but the moment can..I took a picture. I have this weird habit of naming almost all pictures I click…like human beings, I feel they should also have a name…and the first thought that came to my mind was Potpourri, I don’t know why.. dried petals, dried leaf and an array of fragrance, may be…
And I wanted to write, about the simplest of things that made my day..
I have named my blog…Potpourri..
I looked for what exactly potpourri means..and found this..
“a mixture of dried petals of roses or other flowers with spices, kept in a jar for their fragrance..
a musical medley..
a collection of miscellaneous literary extracts….
any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc…”

What better name could I find for my blog…


  1. Semanti Bhattacharya9 June 2012 at 06:17

    WONDERFUL....Significance of the title or just "NAAM KORONER SARTHOKATA"....thought provoking....

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    1. Raj, I am pleased. No, I think I am embarrassed. Mmmmm, I am overwhelmed. yes, that's the word. "Amelie Poulain" of Calcutta! (tears of joy).

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  4. I wish I could name my blog something as attractive. Of all the blogs that exist, mine has the most unimaginative name possible.

    1. What's in a name? You have one of the best blogs in the world. That should suffice.<3