Monday, 10 December 2012

Happiness comes in little brown boxes…

Yes, it was one of those days. One of those days when your mind acts mindless and your shoulder gives you a cold shoulder.
One of those, when the omelette you fried turns into a charcoal pancake. And you silently eat it.
One of those days when you feel unusually cold. Not from the weather, but from the ‘within’.
And, one of those days when you thought, ‘I’s are meant to be within YOUs, even when the you is jumbled in a mess and you notice, it is just the keyboard of your laptop…..
I came home a little late yesterday and found that a small brown paper package has arrived. Very small. I knew what was inside. I had ordered two bandanas by Jaalpari from They call themselves interesting, fun, soulful. How honest! Also, they provide you with 100  + ways in which a bandana can be used! ( Read it, please. :)

And, they are pretty. Head gears made with left-overs from tailoring. I fell in love with them just at the sight. They are too good to be used as head gears, but I will use them anyways.
(You know, I dread falling in love with things instantaneously. There are chances that I will get bored. When I do, I shall use them not as bandanas, but on my center table or make cushion covers out of them or just frame them. Recycled love never betrays you!)

I unwrapped the brown paper and found a smaller box. A thank you note and a pair of handmade earrings! It’s a gift for the first time purchase, for making me a part of their family…

I pulled them close, smelled them and my eyes turned red again.

This time, out of happiness.... :) 


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  2. Okay, this was a real 'awwww' post. :)

    I loved those bandanas. I loved the print. I even loved the katha beneath the bandanas.

    1. :D I love them too.
      The kantha bed cover is from Sienna, Jodhpur Park. I told you na? It is one of my favourite bedspread ever.